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Tras Ltd.: Announcing the Launch of Tras Designs CAURI - Carbon Business Bag

After producing carbon products for the world’s most prestigious motorsports for 33 years, Tras Ltd. decided to produce something that brought that level of skills to life in a different kind of product. CAURI is a one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line carbon bag born from the desire to “create carbon products that sublimate carbon composite technology. The ultimate business bag, which is the product of Tras, a master of carbon, a master of bag processing, and a master of painting, will beautifully add to your lifestyle. For details, please see the full press release.

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Oris Japan: 'Eco-tour to Manazuru'

Oris Japan is organizing an Eco-tour to Manazuru, a beautiful beach resort. The plan is to take a day trip from Marunouchi, Tokyo to Manazuru on the TENPRA BUS which runs with used cooking oil only. The main activities are beach cleaning on the new moon day, the 15th of October, and a guided walk in the beautiful 300-year-old natural forest right above the beach to study the eco-cycle between the forest and the beach. For further information, please see here (JP).

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Robert Walters Japan: "Hiring 'boomerang employees' to ease talent shortage"

On August 14, Specialist professional recruitment firm Robert Walters Japan announced the results of a study on the phenomenon of “boomerang employees”, professionals who return to their former place of work, which has seen an increase across global markets since the end of the pandemic. Accorded to a recent Robert Walters poll, many employees who left their former job during the pandemic are now regretting the decision. With Japan continuing to face a severe talent shortage, the workforce here might benefit from taking on boomerang employees again. For further details, please see the full press release

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TokudAw Inc.: 'Japan Private Charter'

TokudAw is a boutique travel agency specializing in private tours around Japan using private cars, corporate transfers, and event transportation arrangements. It arranges fully customizable private tours of Japan, working with you to ensure that your experiences here are authentic, culturally enriching, and of the highest quality. TokudAw’s specialist corporate transfers are tailor-made to meet the needs of professional travelers. It provides the highest level of quality, comfort, and flexibility to ensure your trip goes smoothly, whether it’s a private meeting or a major event so that you can focus on the task at hand. If you have guests or clients to entertain, TokudAw will make sure their experience of Japan is nothing short of spectacular. Its business transfers are not just about getting you from A to B – TokudAw takes the success of your trip very seriously and consider it part of its service to ensure your endeavors in Japan have a positive outcome. For Event Management Services, see here; for Business Transfers, see here.

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JAPANMARKT Nr. 2/2023 (Online)

The latest edition of JAPANMARKT is fully available online fully available online!
As the only German-language business magazine with a focus on Japan, JAPANMARKT reports four times a year directly from Tokyo on current trends in the Japanese business world. With a wide range of interviews and reports from German and Japanese experts and journalists on business, politics and society, the magazine appeals to all those interested in Japan.

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