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Find below the profiles of Swiss nationals and Japanese nationals with a strong connection to Switzerland who are currently looking for employment in Japan. If you are interested in adding your profile to this page, please contact

• Looking for a job in: Business Development, Contract Specialist, Marketing & Sales, Strategy

If the job seeker were to be described in adjectives it would be, adaptable, industrious, international, persistent, resourceful and goal oriented. He has gained a broad technical proficiency and know-how having worked in a variety of industries from metals, energy to bio-tech and in various firms big and small, domestic and international. In fact, after his success in generating new business and developing comprehensive marketing plans at general trading firms, he has transitioned over to the startup sector where he supported new product and market development, achieving market entry and bringing firms to the next level.
Regardless of task, he has consistently delivered; in fact, he welcomes challenges as not only does it define character but considers them opportunities in disguise to develop as a person but also for the company.
“May you live in interesting times” certainly is an understatement in this day and age, but more so and ever underscores the importance of being situationally aware of market trends and the environment and act accordingly. His motto is to “take the bull by the horns” and he is up for the challenge.
For more detailed information, please refer to his CV in English.

• Young language graduate looking for a full-time job starting in October 2020 / 10 years work experience

Italian born in Switzerland, studied at Japanese language school, former Product Marketing Manager at, fluent in English, German and Italian with good Japanese speaking skills, looking for a full-time job in Japan. Currently on student Visa, which expires December 2020. Has experience in Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Web content creation and translation in various languages. Very flexible with high attention to details and is open to get entrusted with high responsibility task, always ready for new challenges.
For more detailed Information, please refer to the CVs (English or Japanese) attached.

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