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Find below the profiles of Swiss nationals and Japanese nationals with a strong connection to Switzerland who are currently looking for employment in Japan. If you are interested in adding your profile to this page, please contact

Swiss engineer looking for temporary employment in Tokyo

Mr. Julien Sala is doing a graduate trainee programme at the Swiss railway company in Switzerland (SBB), which allows him to work for 4 months (01.07.23 – 31.10.23) at an external company. Due to his fascination for Japan and in order to broaden his horizon, he’d like to use this opportunity to work in and get to know Japan. His salary is funded by SBB, so no payment is needed, only an exciting project for him to work on.
As a mechanical engineer with data analysis experience (mainly Python), he’d prefer a tech/IT-related position, he is however open to new challenges. His main strengths, besides engineering skills, are his organizational and communication abilities. Mr. Sala is fluent in English as well as German, and also speaks French, Spanish and Italian at a good level. Prior to entering the mobility sector, he has done an internship at a large sensor company and worked in a startup that optimizes energy planning with the help of a software. His full resume can be found here.

Art entertainment editor looking for opportunities in writing, editing, and community management

Mr. Rayan Chelbani is eager to enter the Japanese work market. Working for the University Movie Club for nine years now provided him with a significant experience in editing related to cultural matters and social media management. Furthermore, he has been trusted by his superiors to manage and lead a team of students and professionals to plan screenings and submit several articles all the while meeting specific deadlines. Mr. Chelbani has also collaborated with the Japanese Tourism Agency to promote Japan as a top destination for sightseeing. His main tasks included talking with visitors and answering their inquiries. The topics discussed ran from Japanese geography to history and literature.
On a different note, Mr. Chelbani speaks both English and Japanese fluently. To nurture his disposition toward intellectual curiosity and professional growth, he recently started learning Korean and is self-studying about business management.
At this stage of his professional life, Mr. Chelbani is searching for a full-time job as a writer, editor, or community manager. His full resume is available here.

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