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      This page only contains information on scholarship grants to Switzerland.
      For scholarship grants to Japan, kindly refer to the website of the SJCC.

The Scholarship Fund represents an important long-term activity of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce. The fund was established on 1st October 1988 initially supporting young Swiss to add a Year in Japan to their education.
Over this time period, the scholarship fund has successfully awarded over 225 scholarships to Swiss residents that have spent a year in Japan. They are the best ambassadors of the scholarship program, contributing also today to the ongoing success of the scholarship fund.
From 2020 onwards, the scholarship fund supports as well young Japanese residents in their efforts to learn more about Switzerland, its culture, languages, social and business environments.

A Year in Switzerland

The Fund offers financial and other pertinent assistance to qualified graduates and professionals who are willing to add a “Year in Switzerland” to their education. The purpose of this commitment is for them to further improve their language skills (German, French, Italian, or Romansh) during a 3-6 months intensive language training at a local language school and to gain in-depth experience of working as an intern with Swiss colleagues for 6-9 months in Swiss or local subsidiaries of international companies.

Building Bridges

The Chambers strongly believe that such an extensive and unique learning experience of one national language of Switzerland and way of life will have lasting benefits for the participants in this program. It will enable them to help building bridges and better understanding between the two cultures. In summary, their efforts will eventually make lasting contributions towards the development of even closer economic relations and friendship between our two nations – the ultimate objective of the Chambers’ activities.

Typical Profile of a Scholarship Recipient

•    Female or male graduate from university or qualified professional with apprenticeship
•    Age less than 30 years (formal age limit: 32 years when leaving for Switzerland)
•    Resident of Japan
•    Has already acquired basic knowledge of one national language of Switzerland
•    Highly motivated and committed to a “Year in Switzerland” consisting of intensive language training and internship in a Swiss or international company.
•    Well balanced and positive personality with clear goals
•    Displays an entrepreneurial spirit and risk tolerance

For further details on how to apply and what documents to submit please refer to the information provided on the application procedure below.
Successful candidates will have a background in business administration, economics, engineering, informatics, international law or similar areas of study. In addition, they will already have acquired a basic knowledge of a Swiss language before departing to Switzerland.

Application procedure


For any questions regarding the Swiss-Japan Scholarship Fund, kindly contact us at (subject: “Year in Switzerland”).

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