Swiss-Japan Scholarship Fund - powered by SCCIJ and SJCC



The organization and management of the Swiss-Japan Scholarship Fund has been entrusted to the following individuals:

SJCC (Switzerland):
  • Mr. Philipp Saurer (SJCC Chairman Scholarship Fund)
  • Mr. Wieland Noetzold (SJCC Treasurer)
SCCIJ (Japan):
  • Mr. Luca Orduña (SCCIJ Head of Scholarship Subcommittee)
  • Ms. Naoko Koyama (SCCIJ Scholarship Subcommittee)
  • Ms. Ayako Nakano (SCCIJ Scholarship Subcommittee)

The SJCC Chairman Scholarship Fund has assumed responsibility for the Fund’s operational activities and its administration whilst regularly consulting with his colleagues. He will also report to the SJCC and SCCIJ Board at its regular meetings and present annual reports to the members of the Chamber at the Annual General Meeting of the SJCC and SCCIJ.

Whereas the SJCC Chairman Scholarship Fund will screen all potential applications for internship and interview potential candidates, the Committee will finally decide on selected candidates duly considering budget and available funds.

The Annual Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenue and Expenditure will be audited by external auditors.

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