SCCIJ Membership: Join our community!


Benefits for Members

1. Be part of the Swiss business community!

We strive to provide a platform where members can generate new business leads and gain visibility in the Swiss business community.

2. Events / Networking

Luncheons: At the monthly luncheons, high profile speakers from a wide range of backgrounds hold informative speeches. It is a rare chance to listen to such people personally and get valuable insights.
Networking events gives you terrific opportunities to expand your business and personal network across many industries and cultures in a casual and relaxed manner.
Joint chamber events: We organize events in collaboration with other chambers. You can build and expand the relationships and the prospect base.
Open house events: There is an opportunity to host a promotional event (introducing your business to the SCCIJ members).
Members exclusive event: Gain access to the SCCIJ Members exclusive events!
Other event invitations: Receive various event invitations, organized by other chambers or organizations. You will also be invited to some entertaining events such as Swiss national day party and Year end party etc.

3. Information

• Get listed and gain access to the membership directory
• Weekly e-newsletter
• Monthly magazine EUROBIZ
• SCCIJ Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
• News article on SCCIJ events, Swiss Japan related articles
(Politics, Economy, Social& Life, Commercial Market, Culture…)

4. Marketing your business

• Exclusive advertisement opportunity on the SCCIJ website and e-newsletter, direct link to your company website from the web directory.
• Communicate to the SCCIJ members through member news.

5. Job advertisement

The website of the SCCIJ offers a platform where skilled job seekers and companies can connect.

6. Access to EBC: Gain a voice in Government

• The SCCIJ is a member of the European Business Council. Through regular meetings, we ensure that the interest of the Swiss Business Community is represented.
• As a SCCIJ member, you get a discount to be part of the EBC.

7. Connection

• Connection to other member companies of the SCCIJ and the Embassy of Switzerland.
• Connection to other Chambers of Commerce in Japan.

8. Members-only discounts

Benefit from other SCCIJ members discounts on various services and products.

9. SCCIJ Executive committee

SCCIJ regular members are eligible for election to become a SCCIJ Executive committee member.

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