Swiss-Japanese Relations

Swiss-Japanese Relations


Switzerland sent its first trade delegation to Japan in 1863. It was headed by Aimé Humbert, a representative of the Swiss watch industry. This visit led to the conclusion of a trade and friendship treaty between the Swiss Federal Government and the Japanese Shogun in 1864. For more detailed information, please refer to the page below:
Grand Tour of Switzerland in Japan – Aimé Humbert-Droz (1819-1900)

Swiss-Japanese Relations


Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Partnership between Switzerland and Japan (FTEPA)

The FTEPA, which came into force on September 1, 2009, establishes a comprehensive economic partnership between Japan and Switzerland (as well as Liechtenstein). It contains substantive provisions on trade in goods referring to the liberalization of trade in industrial products as well as selected processed and basic agricultural products, rules of origin, custom procedures, trade facilitations and provisions relating to non-tariff barriers. Other provisions relate to the trade in services, the movement of natural persons for business purposes, the establishment and protection of investments, the protection of intellectual property, the promotion and facilitation of electronic commerce, provisions in the field of competition and the promotion of a closer economic relationship.

Full FTEPA legal framework

Bilateral Japan-Switzerland trade

For Switzerland, Japan is the second most important export market in Asia (3.1% of total conjunctural exports in 2021), a major investment location (rank 4 among foreign investors) and a weighty “like-minded” partner.
During the first half of 2022, Swiss merchandise exports to Japan accounted for CHF 4.4 billion (+16.4%), while imports totaled to CHF 2.5 billion (+1.6%). In all, this represents a trade volume of 6.9 billion CHF with a surplus of 1.8 billion CHF for Switzerland.
In terms of foreign direct investments (FDI), Swiss companies were responsible for 2.7% (CHF 16.5 billion) of Japan’s outbound FDI. In return, Japan invested CHF 51.9 billion in Switzerland. In Europe, Japanese FDI are only higher in the UK and the Netherlands.
In 2022, while the adjustment of the bilateral free trade agreement is in the forefront, an agenda is yet to be fixed. In the area of science, technology and innovation, the establishment of a new Swissnex office in Osaka from August 2021 symbolizes the dynamization of the two countries’ relationships.
Find more details in the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan’s “Economic Report 2022 – Japan”, which contains a more detailed breakdown of the figures above:

Economic Report 2022 - Japan

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