December 2020 Luncheon: “Choices for a Sustainable Future: Is Paper a Guilty Pleasure?”

December 2020 Luncheon: “Choices for a Sustainable Future: Is Paper a Guilty Pleasure?”

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We are pleased to invite you to our December Luncheon with Ms. Asami Sano, CEO, Shinnihon Printing Inc. (SNP Inc.), who will deliver a speech titled “Choices for a Sustainable Future: Is Paper a Guilty Pleasure?”.

Paper is a ubiquitous communication medium that we encounter throughout our lives. Instantly we can recognize certain messages from the type of paper that they are delivered on, and we come to associate formats, textures, weights, and colors with specific occasions. As much as we value these multisensory physical experiences, we often default to digital communication as a faster and more ecologically friendly alternative. Paper has become a negative symbol of deforestation and printing a symbol of chemical industrialization. For over 60 years, SNP has been a leader when it comes to responsible sourcing of paper and environmentally sustainable printing methods. With this combination, SNP believes that you can confidently make a positive commitment to our planet’s future while using them to create beautiful lasting moments. In this presentation, Ms. Asami Sano will lead you on a journey behind the paper that you use and the latest innovations in ecological printing that are environmentally sustainable.

December 2020 Luncheon: “Choices for a Sustainable Future: Is Paper a Guilty Pleasure?”

Ms. Asami Sano, CEO, Shinnihon Printing Inc. (SNP Inc.)

Date & Time:

Thursday, December 10, 2020, 12:00-14:00


Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, Rooms “Conway 2&3”, 27F (MAP)

Entry Fee:

•    Members: JPY 6,500, or 1 SCCIJ Voucher 2020
•    Non-Members: JPY 8,000

*As tickets are limited due to social distancing measures, kindly be noted that SCCIJ members will be prioritized.*

Safety measures:

In order to ensure the safety of all participants in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo has adopted precautionary measures, including social distancing, masks, and regular facilities disinfection. Please find the exhaustive list in this document, which we strongly encourage all our guests to read.
In addition, please kindly be noted that tables will only accommodate 5 guests each, and that we ask participants to refrain from shaking hands. We thank you very much in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation, and look forward to welcoming you!


*Fully booked*

(Deadline: December 6, 2020)

*No-shows and cancellations after the deadline will be charged in full.*


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Biography of the Speaker:

Ms. Asami Sano is the CEO of Shinnihon Printing Inc, an award winning pioneer of sustainable printing. Inspired by the beautiful nature around their headquarters in Shikoku island, the last three generations of the Sano family have been dedicated to creating beautiful printed material while respecting our natural resources, including by means of responsible paper sourcing, waterless printing, and carbon offsetting. Ms. Sano has a long-standing affinity for Switzerland, initially as a former competitive skier and later as she completed several courses at IMD Lausanne. She remains passionate about the Swiss Alps – a value that she knows is shared between the Swiss and Japanese.

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