August 2022 Luncheon: “The Importance of Digital Design for Small Businesses”

August 2022 Luncheon: “The Importance of Digital Design for Small Businesses”

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We are pleased to invite you to our August Luncheon with Ms. Tina Koyama (CEO & Co-Founder, POJ Studio) who will deliver a speech titled “The Importance of Digital Design for Small Businesses”.

August 2022 Luncheon: “The Importance of Digital Design for Small Businesses”

Design has become an integral part of many modern small businesses. “Design thinking”, a method to drive business innovation picking up momentum around 2009, has led to being one of the most sought-after academic programs at Stanford University, according to the New York Times.
It should not come as a surprise that entry-level User Experience Designers in Silicon Valley can expect a starting salary of USD 100k a year. Creating awareness for your business now starts and ends on the web and in an economy where people’s attention is the most valuable thing, design has taken center stage.
In her speech for the SCCIJ, Ms. Tina Koyama will demonstrate why creating a digital presence (be it on social media, a website, or an app), generating captivating content to communicate your business, promoting through marketing, and making an app intuitive to use, all require extensive design (thinking).

Date & Time:

Wednesday, August 31, 2022


The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon (MAP)
Meeting Studios I-III, 2F

Entry Fee:
  • Members: JPY 6,500 or 1 SCCIJ Voucher 2022
  • Non-Members: JPY 8,000

*Registration closed*

(Deadline: August 25, 2022)

*Please inform us of dietary restrictions if any.*
*No-shows/cancellations after deadline will be fully charged*
*Due to social distancing measures, SCCIJ members will be prioritized.*

Safety measures:
  • Participants will be requested to sanitize hands and have their body temperature checked when entering the venue.
  • Masks will have to be worn at all time, except when eating and drinking.

By e-mail to

Biography of the Speaker:

Born and raised in Switzerland by a Swiss architect father and a Japanese “craftswoman at heart” mother, Ms. Tina Koyama was exposed to design from early on. She started building digital things since 12 years old and found a way to combine her passion for tech and design pursuing a career as a product designer in Tech. Ms. Koyama has since worked in Tokyo and in the Silicon Valley, accumulating over a decade of experience in building products focused on customer needs. Building digital products in fast-paced environments made her long for lasting quality, haptic experiences, and ways to give back. When her mother took her to meet artisans across Japan she learned that many of the artisans struggled to survive. These encounters became the reason to start POJ Studio, a lifestyle brand that helps foster a sustainable ecosystem within Japan’s crafts industry by highlighting the stories of the craftspeople with whom they work, bridging the gap between them and an international market.

August 2022 Luncheon: “The Importance of Digital Design for Small Businesses”

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