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  • Latest News

    • November 21, 2014 Measuring prosperity in Japan and Switzerland

      141121 Swiss Saving Pig

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Japan and Switzerland belong in terms of national income to the most wealthy countries in the world. When taking into account more criteria for prosperity such as life satisfaction, Switzerland has been ranked by the latest Legatum Prosperity Index at #2 worldwide. Japan came in at #19. According to the new Wealth-X and UBS World Ultra Wealth Report 2014, Japan has the largest number of ultra high net worth individuals of any country in Asia.[more]

    • November 17, 2014 Swiss electric car breaks world record

      141117 Rennwagen

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) - The electric racing car called 'grimsel' broke the previous world record for acceleration in electric cars. The vehicle accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.785 seconds in under 30 metres. The new record was set by students from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, who also designed and built the vehicle. No other production vehicle in the world has reached a similarly strong acceleration.[more]

    • November 14, 2014 Straumann grows further in Japan and Asia

      141114 Straumann Headquarter Basel

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Straumann, a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry, has achieved revenue growth of 7 percent in the third quarter, contributing to a 5 percent increase over the first 9 months. With the currency headwind easing slightly, growth in Swiss francs climbed 3 percent to CHF 523 million. The performance was driven by gains across all regions particularly in the US, China and Japan. [more]

    • November 10, 2014 Swiss promotes Tohoku tourism with bicycle tour

      141110 Kohler klein

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Mr. Thomas Köhler is doing it again. The Swiss who walked Japan from North to South on foot to encourage tourism to Japan after the tsunami and nuclear catastrophe of March 2011 is back to his beloved country. This time, he is touring Tohoku and the Sanriku coast on bicycle to demonstrate the tourism potential and readiness of the devastated region. The Swiss travel expert now owns an agency specializing in Japan tours. [more]

    • November 07, 2014 Ding-dong: When the date sounds from the wrist

      141107 Patek 5175 12 klein

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) - To pay tribute to its 175th anniversary, the Swiss mechanical watchmaker Patek Philippe has created a collection of limited-edition commemorative timepieces. One of them is the so far most complicated wristwatch of the eminent family-owned watchmaking company and decidedly one of the world's most elaborate wristwatches. This is due also to the horological degrees of complexity, two of which have been added to the annals of watchmaking for the first time. There is only one bad news for connoisseurs of Swiss watches. [more]

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