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 11.01〜  27th Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC 27)

Are you a business owner looking for a business plan tailored to the Japanese market for your market entry or business expansion? If so, take part in JMEC 27! As a JMEC Project Client, you can receive a professional business plan developed by some of Japan’s brightest up-and-coming business leaders for a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants. For details, visit the JMEC homepage or refer to this document. The application form is available here (Deadline: November 30).
Are you looking to upgrade your business skills instead? JMEC is also looking for individual applicants to participate in the program and learn how to research and develop a professional business plan. This ‘mini MBA’ style program includes classroom training with experienced executives and entrepreneurs, as well as hands-on experience in writing a business plan for a real business project submitted by a company. More information in this document or on this page (Deadline: October 15).
For the results of JMEC 26, please see this press release.

Other Events

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