Switzerland launches finance information portal

Switzerland launches finance information portal

Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The Swiss federal government and the Swiss financial sector have launched the joint information platform The web portal presents the country as one of the world’s leading and most competitive financial centers. The main message for a global audience: Switzerland combines its traditional strength of stability, security, and trust with an openness to innovations in fintech and sustainable finance.

Switzerland launches finance information portal

Many private banks service the city of Zermatt, a popular tourism hub, and maintain underground bunkers and storage facilities for gold at the foothills of the Swiss Alps.

Joint Swiss effort

The Swiss Federal Department of Finance and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs collaborated with key players from Switzerland’s financial center to create the information platform. Providing accessible information about Switzerland as a financial center is key to achieving one of the objectives of the financial market policy the Federal Council adopted in December.

Switzerland is home to banks, insurance companies, Fintech and Blockchain companies, and consulting firms offering comprehensive services and innovative solutions for worldwide clients. The country benefits from a stable political and legal framework, a strong currency, and a location at the heart of Europe. Also, Switzerland is politically independent yet globally networked.

Promotion of activities

The State Secretariat for International Finance Matters and the organization Presence Switzerland which promotes Swiss interests abroad coordinate the portal from the government side. The Swiss Bankers Association, the Asset Management Association, the financial market infrastructure operator SIX, Zurich Insurance, and the reinsurer Swiss Re represent the financial sector of Switzerland.

The platform targeted at an international audience highlights the framework conditions and other qualities that make Switzerland’s financial sector a more attractive business than its global competitors. Occupying the web address of the same name, serves as a single point of contact for Switzerland as a financial center. The portal publicizes and promotes its activities to an overseas audience.

Sustainability as a goal

Within the same context, the Swiss Federal Council resolved to make the Swiss financial center sustainable. The new measures are designed to improve transparency, strengthen risk analysis, and expand Switzerland’s international commitment. The aim is to continue to consolidate the country’s position as a leading location for sustainable financial services.

For example, the authorities are preparing to require Swiss companies in all sectors of the economy to disclose climate-related financial matters. The Federal Council recommends that financial market players publish methods and strategies for taking account of climate and environmental risks when managing their clients’ assets. Earlier, a task force had issued recommendations for such a financial policy. Besides, Switzerland is preparing necessary amendments to financial market legislation to prevent so-called greenwashing. This term describes feigned sustainable business activity in terms of environmental impact.

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