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  • June 08, 2018

Swiss printer for Japan outdoor photo exhibition

Tokyo (SCCIJ) – SwissQprint Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of the Swiss high-end digital printing systems manufacturer swissQprint, has won amana, one of the leading companies in the field of visual communications in Japan, as a customer for its largest and newest printing device. This is one of several big orders after swissQprint Japan was founded and opened a showroom, warehouse and office in Yokohama in January. swissQprint recently celebrated the delivery of its 1000th ultraviolet inkjet printer. Such devices do not need a printing plate and thus are less costly. More than 90 percent of the parts come from Switzerland, mostly sourced from local suppliers.

swissQprint office in Yokohama

Outdoor Photo Exhibition

amana, headquarted in Shinagawa, Tokyo, had evaluated several swissQprint products in order to enlarge its business by developing new projects. It bought the swissQprint lead product Nyala 3, an industry favorite, for a branding project in Miyota City in Nagano prefecture, close to Karuizawa City. 

amana and Miyota have organized jointly the “Photo MIYOTA” which will be held from August 11th to September 30th. This event will be the preamble for more events in the coming years. As from 2019, the festival may be broadened to neighboring cities, like Karuizawa City and also to Komoro City, and the time period of the festival and the photo exposition will be extended.

New showroom of swissQprint Japan in Yokohama (click to enlarge)

New showroom of swissQprint Japan in Yokohama (click to enlarge)

“Stimulating five senses”

By putting a large outdoor photo exhibition into an environment blessed with the rich nature of the four seasons, amana and Miyota Town want to “stimulate five senses” of the visitors and give them an experience they have never made before, the company amana said. The editorial director of the art magazine “IMA”, Mutsuko Ota, has been appointed as curator of the photo exhibition.

“The new Swiss printer will be used to produce the large scale pictures shown at the exhibition because it is most suited for our ambitions in this project,” Mr. Hironobu Shindo, CEO of amana, told the SCCIJ. This latest high-end model was installed at the new premises of amana in May. Its applications are universal and the 3.2 by 2 meter flatbed provides enormous scope. 

New premises of swissQprint Japan 

swissQprint Japan had officially opened its new premises in Yokohama in January. Showroom, warehouse and offices are now situated in a modern building with easy access due to its closeness to JR Shin-Yokohama railway station. 

Inspiring application samples are exhibited in the bright rooms with a certain Swiss touch. In addition, the latest machine model will always be available for live demonstrations and print tests. Technical service and warehouse are under the same roof so that customers can expect comprehensive and quick support at any time. 

After a challenging takeover and build-up period, the team headed by Managing Director Mr. Toru Ono is now concentrating on its core tasks: The marketing of their large format printers and even better support for existing customers. By establishing the subsidiary swissQprint Japan KK, swissQprint has shown a strong commitment to Japan and the entire Asia-Pacific region.  


Text: Martin Fritz for SCCIJ; Photos: swissQprint Japan  

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