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  • October 31, 2017

Swiss startup of the year detects “fertility window”

Tokyo (SCCIJ) – Zurich-based Ava, a producer of a clinically tested bracelet to measure fertility, has been chosen as the Swiss startup of the year 2017. The second position was awarded to the Ecublens-based startup L.E.S.S. It has developed the next generation of distributed lighting systems as an alternative to today's LEDs. The third in the ranking is Flyability which introduced the first collision-tolerant drone called Elios in the market. The annually chosen TOP 100 Swiss startups give a good flavor as to why Switzerland ranks as the most innovative nation globally, at least according to the Global Innovation Index 2017 of the Word Economic Forum.

Ava fertility bracelet

Detecting the “window” of fertility

Already ranked 94th in 2015, the winner of this year, Ava, uses sensor technology to reveal what is happening in a woman’s ovulation cycle. Currently selling on the US market and in parts of Europe, the company has raised CHF 12 million and is now preparing for a Series B round to finance global expansion.  

Ava has crafted a natural and reliable technology that helps couples to have a child. An elegant bracelet worn at night is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. Various parameters of the body are measured in order to precisely indicate days on which it is possible to become pregnant, as well as days on which it is not. The technology helps women conceive within a short period of time.  

Other methods of fertility tracking rely on only a single parameter, and thus cannot provide a complete picture of fertility in real time. Ava was clinically tested in a year-long study at the University Hospital of Zurich. Its first findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports. Ava is an FDA registered device and CE certified. Data security and anonymity are secured thanks to a powerful backend.

Swiss startup Ava chosen as best Swiss startup of the year 2017 (click to enlarge)

Swiss startup Ava chosen as best Swiss startup of the year 2017 (click to enlarge)

Cooperation with Swiss CSEM

The fertility wristband was developed in a technological partnership with the Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM). “This award follows shortly after the announcement of the birth of the first “AVA baby”. It should be followed by many others, as the news of pregnancies aided by wearing the bracelet reaches us. After the X, Y and Z generations, we will now have the Ava generation!”, CSEM exclaimed in a press release celebrating the success of Ava at the Top 100 Swiss startups.  

Ava sought out CSEM for its expertise in human vital-sign monitoring and low-power, high-performance electronics. With the support of the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), these partners developed specific algorithms and sensors for measuring nine physiological parameters. Clinical studies showed that the fertility wristband identified, with a reliability of 89 percent, the five-day window of fertility for women in their menstrual cycle.    

“CSEM supported us in creating a technology that has the potential to revolutionize women’s health,” explained Ava Vice-President of R&D Peter Stein. Ava aims to become a companion for women during the whole of their reproductive age. The company is currently exploring CSEM’s proprietary optical blood-pressure monitoring technology to extend its offer. 

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Text: SCCIJ with material of CSEM and Ava; Photos: Ava

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