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  • July 24, 2017

Nestlé Japan to open second KitKat factory

Tokyo (SCCIJ) – Nestlé Japan is about to open a second manufacturing line for its popular KitKat bars within its Himeji factory in Hyogo Prefecture to satisfy ever increasing demand in Japan. KitKat “made in Japan” is famous beyond the islands’ borders for its large taste variety only available there. Thus, many tourists buy KitKat chocolates at specialty stores to bring them back as souvenirs. Online sales are also steadily increasing. “We want to satisfy this demand”, Nestlé Japan said in a statement. It is the first time in 26 years that the Swiss company increases its production capacity with a new factory. The new facility will already start operating on August 1.

Production of KitKat bars

Increase of production capacity

Nestlé Japan explained the merits of the new manufacturing line through the realization of a stable supply corresponding to further increase in future demand and the flexible production of small quantities of various kinds. This would also allow further expansion of the product variety.  

“Sales for KitKat in Japan have been growing every year. 2016 full year sales are about 1.5 times bigger than 2010 full year”, Ms. Melanie Kohli of Nestlé Japan’s corporate communications told the SCCIJ. The new line would initially produce seven premium KitKat varieties, she said.

KitKat succeeds in Japan with innovative taste variations such as Wasabi (Japanese mustard)

KitKat succeeds in Japan with innovative taste variations such as Wasabi (Japanese mustard)

Innovative and emotional marketing

Nestlé, the world's largest nutrition, health and wellness company and Switzerland's biggest company, became the leading chocolate brand in Japan thanks to KitKat and its innovative product variety and emotional marketing. The chocolate bar KitKat ousted Meiji from the top spot in the brand category in Japan for the first time in 2012.  

The company increased domestic demand of KitKat by developing innovative and uniquely Japanese tastes such as matcha, sake, wasabi and sweet potato flavors. Also, it succeeded in premiumization of the brand with appealing communication campaigns and the introduction of KitKat Chocolatory specialty shops. Since opening in January 2014, such shops have attracted more than 1.7 million customers to date.

Another success strategy was premiumization of the brand with KitKat Chocolatory stores

Another success strategy was premiumization of the brand with KitKat Chocolatory stores

Re-opening of KitKat flagship store

The KitKat Chocolatory flagship store in Ginza will reopen after renovation on Tuesday, July 25. This store is fully managed and supervised by Yasumasa Takagi, owner and head chef of Le Patissier Takagi. The Ginza store will offer a new and luxurious menu and services befitting a location in Tokyo’s high end shopping area of Ginza visited by countless shoppers from Japan and abroad.  

Among the special summer offerings in the store café on the 2nd floor, there will be KitKat shaped cake with a new sensation of taste due to putting thick fondant chocolate and wafer into rich bitter chocolate couverture; a cooled sweet with combination of frozen KitKat and bean-jam wafer; and a parfait with a base of thick fondant chocolate and three ice creams and topped by dried fruits, strictly selected cocoa powder and fresh juicy KitKat.    


Text: Martin Fritz for SCCIJ; Photos: Nestlé Japan

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