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  • June 09, 2017

Swiss Post a global leader in postal development

Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Swiss Post has taken the first place in the new “Integrated Index for Postal Development” ahead of France and Japan, closely followed by the Netherlands and Germany. The study carried out by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) shows that by international standards Swiss Post is amongst the leading postal organizations with a comprehensive range of services. The study compares a total of 170 postal organizations using four criteria: reliability, reach, relevance and resilience. Members and guests of the SCCIJ already know about the high capabilities of Swiss Post because CEO Susanne Ruoff talked about the ongoing transformation and key projects of the logistics company at a luncheon in April 2016.

Swiss Post

Who adapts to new environment best?

Based on an in-depth analysis of 170 countries and territories of the Universal Postal Union, the Integrated Index for Postal Development depicts the challenges facing the postal sector in a time of burgeoning e-commerce. The 2016 results show that in order to develop, national Posts need to improve their operational efficiency, enhance their connectivity with global supply chains, diversify their portfolio beyond traditional segments, and adapt their business models to constant changes in the business environment.  

Switzerland received the highest possible figure of 100, France was ranked second with 94.7 points and Japan third at 94.1 points. All of them offer either high or very high quality of service across their postal products portfolio, as well as great global connectivity for their customers. This in turn supports an already strong demand for their domestic services (relevance) and strengthens the resilience of their business models in a fast-evolving world economy.

Source: UPU

Source: UPU

Average delivery time of 1.6 days

Switzerland has consistently been the best performer in terms of reliability, relevance and resilience with its diversified offer of postal services. There is only one area in which it is outperformed: reach, or global postal connectedness. In that category, China comes first. Switzerland’s success can be credited to a number of factors.

For instance, delivery times average 1.6 days (for both domestic and inbound), while even in other high-performing countries, the averages are in the range of 2 to 5 days. Moreover, Switzerland has the second most predictable postal delivery service in the world after South Korea, with a variability of about 2 days in delivery times instead of 3 to 7 days for its most direct peers.  

Japan excels in the quality of service of its postal logistics and registers very strong demand for its wide range of services, particularly in the area of postal savings and insurance, states the study. France has joined the top 3 thanks to its strategic decision to become a multi-activity postal operator, which has boosted the resilience of its postal business model, a key asset in a fast-changing environment.  

More and more digital services

Swiss Post is constantly improving its existing services and is developing new products and services for tomorrow's customers. More and more of them are digital. Individuals and business customers can use them around the clock - with mobile devices if required. Swiss Post is focusing on seven key areas: e-commerce, mobility, digital financial services, digital trust, cross-channel communication, business process outsourcing and sales and solutions.  

E-mail, for example, combines the advantages of physical mail and digital mail. Numerous access options are available to its customers. With its e-health platform, the Post network integrates health care professionals and ensures a secure exchange of electronic patient data. Also, Swiss Post is working on delivery robots and drones that are revolutionizing the logistics industry.  

The entire study is available here.  

Please also view the SCCIJ Luncheon report about Swiss Post of April 2016.    


Text: SCCIJ with material of Swiss Postal Solutions and UPU; Photo: Swiss Post

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