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  • June 02, 2017

Oerlikon builds new Japan solutions center

Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Oerlikon is building a new surface solutions center in Nagoya, dedicated to providing the latest technologies and services to the Japanese automotive industry. The investment will allow Oerlikon to meet the requirements of a recently won contract with one of the largest Japanese automotive manufacturers. The center is scheduled to open at the beginning of 2018. Also, Oerlikon’s surface solutions segment showcased its market-leading coating technologies at the Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama on the last weekend in May.

Oerlikon headquarters

Swiss coating technologies

Nagoya is one of the four largest industrial centers in Japan and a key manufacturing area for cars. It is home to the production facilities of large automobile companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors. Oerlikon is investing a sum in the low double digit millions of Swiss francs in the construction of the new center, and plans to double its workforce in Nagoya over the long term.  

The new site will offer both Oerlikon Balzers coating technologies and Oerlikon Metco friction system coating technologies, making this facility a one-stop solution provider of surface technologies for the automotive industry. The two group segments are already represented in Japan with the two subsidiaries Japan Oerlikon Metco (Tokyo) with 41 employees and Japan Oerlikon Nihon Balzers Coating (Hiratsuka) with 148 employees.

Strengthening foothold in Japan

Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group, commented: “The new coatings center in Nagoya is an important step for us in strengthening our foothold in the Japanese automotive market. We will be able to offer our customers a comprehensive set of automotive surface technologies. Our coating solutions help to optimize the performance of interacting surfaces in relative motion, thereby extending the lifespan of manufacturing tools, motor parts and components.”  

Oerlikon’s thin-film and thermal spray coatings and friction system technologies are used in many applications in the automotive industry. Engineered surfaces of components and engine parts in cars lead to improvements in engine performance, while the surface-treated tools and molds used in automotive manufacturing are much more durable and efficient.  

Automotive sector growing

With CHF 3.8 billion and a compound annual growth rate of 4.2 percent between 2017 and 2021, the automotive sector is the largest sector addressed by the Oerlikon Group. All three of Oerlikon’s segments serve the automotive market but mainly the Surface Solutions and Drive Systems Segments, where automotive market sales represented 24 percent and 18 percent of the Segment’s sales, respectively.  

Oerlikon Balzer’s BALINIT coatings, used to coat parts and components such as gears, are present today in passenger cars of most leading brands worldwide, whereas Oerlikon Metco’s SUMEBore®, a thermal spray coating, is used to coat cylinder liners, brake discs and turbochargers. With fine dust reduction being part of the future environmental standard to be phased in from 2020 as part of the EU’s tightened CO2 regulation, the demand for coatings is expected to increase.  

About Oerlikon

Oerlikon, a leading global technology group based in Pfaeffikon, Switzerland, has over 100 years of tradition, a global footprint of over 13,500 employees at more than 180 locations in 37 countries with sales of CHF 2.3 billion in 2016. The company invested CHF 94 million in R&D in 2016 and has over 1,000 specialists developing innovative and customer-oriented products and services.  

Oerlikon follows a clear strategy of becoming a global powerhouse in surface solutions, advanced materials and materials processing. Backed by the key ability to intelligently engineer and process surface solutions and advanced materials, the group is committed to invest in value-bringing technologies that provide customers with lighter, more durable, more efficient and environmentally sustainable products.    


Text: SCCIJ with material of Oerlikon; Photo: Oerlikon Headquarters in Pfaeffikon, Switzerland (Oerlikon)  

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