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  • November 21, 2016

G&S Japan relaunches recruiting brand Gaipro

Tokyo (SCCIJ) - The Tokyo based executive search and consulting firm G&S Japan, a member and sponsor of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, has relaunched its recruiting brand “Gaipro” (Gaishikei Professionals). "This strategic move is to serve the increasing need in Japan for bilingual professional in mid-management and specialist positions", G&S Japan President Markus Gfeller said. G&S Japan is a member of the G&S Asia Group and specializes in Executive Search and Corporate Consulting in Asia for predominantly German, Swiss and Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises. The new service is also a reaction to the increasing difficulty of employers in Japan to fill vacant positions.

G&S Japan's relaunch of Gaipro

Bilingual, highly qualified females

Gaipro now focuses on finding sales engineers and office managers with a particular emphasis on females looking for part-time opportunities with a good work-life balance similar to the European working environment. Mothers and housewives in Japan are often highly qualified, skilled and fully bilingual but struggle to find job and career opportunities of 60 or 80 percent work.  

The main reason for this different work environment is that Japanese companies require long office hours and do not provide good work-life options, such as flex time or work days from home. "Foreign affiliated companies in Japan are often more flexible and willing to offer part-time opportunities which are well established and practiced at their headquarters", Gfeller explained.  

He is convinced that the aging population in Japan will continue to put pressure on the Japanese economy so companies would be forced to introduce more flexible working models. "In contrast to the "hakken" system in Japan, Gaipro will offer 60 or 80 percent part-time work with full responsibilities, benefits and competitive salaries", Gfeller promised. Thus, Gaipro could lure back ambitious and highly skilled women back into the workforce in Japan.

High difficulty in filling vacancies

According to the annual Manpower Talent Shortages Survey, the percentage of employers who are experiencing difficulties filling job vacancies is worldwide continuing to rise. In 2015, this proportion increased by two percentage points to 38 percent. This is the highest figure reported since 2008. Hiring managers report the most severe talent shortage in Japan with 83 percent of them having difficulties in filling job vacancies, the Manpower 2015 Talent Shortage Survey said.  

30 percent of employers in Japan also reported in 2015 an increased difficulty to hire new people compared to the year before. One of the reasons is the demographic development of retiring baby boomers and smaller young generation cohorts. Also, Japanese people prefer life-long jobs and change companies less often.

Both trends increase the difficulty of Japanese subsidiaries of Western companies to fill job vacancies, Gfeller said. But by offering part timers the same job benefits as fully employed people, they could "beat the system", he said. The first responses to such Gaipro offerings have been very strong and positive from both employers and potential employees, he added.

Different recruitment market

In Japan's recruitment market, there are many Japanese companies which have many candidates on hand presenting them without much pre-selection to their clients. "Foreign recruiters in Japan such as G&S Japan and Gaipro make a much more thorough pre-selection", Gfeller emphasized.  

G&S Japan and Gaipro want to ensure first that the candidates match the position and the demands of their client as perfectly as possible. Thus, foreign executive searchers' choice of candidates would be much more thorough and thoughtful, which gives their clients a much better value for their money, he added. This strategy would now be enhanced by the relaunch of Gaipro as a G&S brand.  

Established network of Gaipro

Gaipro was originally founded in 2004 by former SCCIJ president Mr. Martin Stricker and had developed a large pool of talented candidates in the Japan market and a strong Swiss network. It was acquired and fully integrated by G&S Japan in January 2015. Stricker became a shareholder of G&S Japan and took an advisory role in the board of directors at G&S Japan.  

G&S Japan was established in 2005 and is a founding partner of G&S Asia Group with offices in Asia, Europe and the United States. It is a highly specialized corporate consulting and retained executive search firm, predominantly supporting privately owned German, Swiss and Austrian businesses in Japan. Mr. Markus Gfeller was first a managing partner of G&S Japan and acquired the firm in June 2011.      


Text: Martin Fritz for SCCIJ; Figures: Manpower Talent Survey 2015

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