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  • April 25, 2012

Swiss and Japanese firms shine in Forbes ranking

Tokyo (SCCIJ) – Even with many economic problems, the world’s largest companies still thrive, enjoying double-digit growth in sales and earnings last year. Despite their strong currencies, many big Japanese and Swiss firms also expanded their turnover and profits. In the new Forbes ranking Global 2000 companies, Toyota at rank 25 and Nestlé at place 40 are the respective national champions. Other prominent company names from Japan and Switzerland also feature high on the list.

U.S. and Japan dominate

The Forbes annual ranking of the world’s biggest companies uses an equal weighting of sales, profits, assets and market value to rank companies according to size. Other rankings only use the sales figure or the market capitalization to define the size. This year the Forbes list spans 66 countries, an increase of four. The U.S. (524 members) and Japan (258 members) still dominate, but with a combined 14 fewer entries.  

Switzerland has 55 members which is quite extraordinary considering the size of its economy. This is almost as much as South Korea (68 firms) and India (61) and more than half of the U.K. (93). Mainland China is closing the gap to the two leaders and sits as the third largest country in terms of membership with 15 more members.  

Exxon as No. 1

For the first time, profit giant Exxon Mobil takes the number one spot as the biggest Global 2000 company. JPMorgan Chase, last year’s number one, falls back one place. It is followed by General Electric, Royal Dutch Shell and Chinese bank ICBC. Apple jumps 25 places to number 22. Toyota Motor breaks into the elite 25, up from number 55 a year ago.  

Despite the financial crisis, banks and diversified financials still dominate the Forbes list, with a quarter of the 2000 lineup, largely due to the incorporation of their asset totals into the calculation of the size. The oil and gas industry, with 131 companies, still scores high in sales and profits, but not in terms of growth.  

The sector of materials, led by metals and mining companies, increased sales by the most. Consumer durables, including automakers, had the highest profit growth (up 95 percent). Asian heavy equipment firms’ expansion explained the strong asset growth in the capital goods industry.  

Asia-Pacific leading

Forbes broke down its list into four regions this year: Asia-Pacific with 733 total members, followed by Europe, Middle East & Africa-EMEA (605), the U.S. (524) and the Americas (145). Only the U.S. grew across all four metrics from a year ago. Asia-Pacific led in sales growth (up 26 percent), profit growth (up 29 percent) and asset growth (up 19 percent).  


Japanese and Swiss Companies among the Forbes Global Top 200

25. Toyota (Sales: 228.5/Profits: 4.9/Assets: 358.3/Market Value: 147.9)

36. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial (Sales: 53.3/Profits: 7/Assets: 2,478.8/Market Value: 74.5)

40. Nestlé (Sales: 89.2/Profits: 10.1/Assets: 119.4/Market Value: 205.4)

45. NTT (Sales: 124/Profits: 6.1/Assets: 226.6/Market Value: 60.8)

59. Honda (Sales: 107.5/Profits: 6.4/Assets: 137.7/Market Value: 70.8)

62. Novartis (Sales: 58.6/Profits: 9.1/Assets: 117.5/Market Value: 150.4)

64. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial (Sales: 45.9/ Profits: 5.7/Assets: 1,654.9/Market Value: 47.8)

71. UBS (Sales: 43.7/Profits: 4.5/Assets: 1,508,7/Market Value: 54.2)

85. Nissan (Sales: 105.5/Profits: 3.8/Assets: 128.7/Market Value: 48.1)

95. Mitsubishi Corp. (Sales: 62.6/Profits: 5.6/Assets: 136.6/Market Value: 39.7)

97. Zurich Financial Services (Sales: 53/Profits: 3.5/Assets: 365.6/Market Value: 39)

98. Mizuho Financial (Sales: 32.2/Profits: 5/Assets: 1,934.4/Market Value: 40.6)

99. Glencore International (Sales:179.6/Profits: 3.9/Assets: 85.2/Market Value: 45.9)

103. Roche Holding (Sales: 45.3/Profits: 10/Assets: 62.9/Market Value: 152)

125. Credit Suisse (Sales: 44.8/Profits: 2/1,Assets: 112.4/Market Value: 36.2)

129. Hitachi (Sales: 112.1/Profits: 2.9/Assets: 109.3/Market Value: 27.2)

132. Xstrata (Sales: 32.7/Profits: 5.5/Assets: 74.9/Market Value: 54.8)

133. Mitsui & Co. (Sales: 56.3/Profits: 3.7/Assets: 103.6/Market Value: 31.1)

149. Canon (Sales: 46.2/Profit: 3,2/Assets: 51.1/Market Value: 63.5)

169. Swiss Re (Sales: 28.1/Profits: 2.6/Assets: 225.9/Market Value: 23.9)

176. JX Holdings (Sales: 115.9/Profits: 3.8/Assets: 74,1/Market Value 15.8)

186. ABB (Sales: 35.6/Profits: 3/Assets: 39.5/Market Value: 47.8)

189. Softbank (Sales: 36.1/Profits: 2.3/Assets: 54.9/Market Value: 32.3)

191. KDDI (Sales: 41.3/Profits: 3.1/Assets: 44/Market Value: 29.2)

199. Sumitomo (Sales: 37.3/Profits: 2.4/Assets: 86.4/Market Value: 18.8)  

Source: Forbes (all figures in billion dollars)  


Photo: Wikipedia


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