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  • April 28, 2017 Luncheon: “You experience Givaudan ten times a day”

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The April Luncheon introduced more than 50 members and guests of the SCCIJ to the world of flavors and aromas. The topic of the speech was “How Switzerland’s Givaudan combines science and nature to develop flavors and aromas that delight Japanese consumers”. The two speakers were Fabrizio Raho, President and Representative Director of Givaudan Japan K.K., and Alain Ouellet, Technical Head of Givaudan’s Flavor Innovation Center Japan in Osaki, Tokyo. Beyond their presentations, the luncheon visitors experienced vividly firsthand how their own olfactory and gustatory sensors are working thanks to Givaudan’s proprietary “Virtual Aroma Synthesizer“ technologies.[more]

  • April 27, 2017 Swiss Young Professionals gather in Kobe

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Following the example of the Kanto-edition, the 5th Swiss Young Professional Gathering in Kansai was held at the Nescafé Sannomiya in Kobe. On April 14, approximately thirty Swiss and friends of Switzerland took the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions while enjoying coffee specialties, cocktails and snacks. The event was held in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate General of Switzerland in Osaka and the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.[more]

  • April 25, 2017 Business mood at foreign chambers in Japan up again

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The latest Business Confidence Survey of the Foreign Chambers in Japan (FCIJ) shows further improved sentiments across the board among managers of member companies when compared to the previous survey conducted in October 2016. The Japanese economy outlook index for the next six months grew from +0.1 in October to +0.4 in April on a scale ranging from +2 (strong improvement) to -2 (strong decline). The outlook index for the next twelve months indicates even more growth. It increased from +0.27 in October to +0.55 in April. The FCIJ survey, conducted twice a year, has become an acknowledged bellwether for the business confidence of foreign companies in Japan over the past fifteen years.[more]

  • April 21, 2017 “Solar Impulse” spin-off to promote electric propulsion

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) - After building the two Solar Impulse electric airplanes and flying 5 days and 5 nights non-stop over the Pacific in Solar Impulse 2, the longest flight ever of a single pilot airplane, the Swiss Solar Impulse’s co-founder André Borschberg is now taking electric propulsion technology a step further. The new endeavor H55, which he also co-founded, will develop and leverage the potential of electric propulsion in the world of aviation, making air transport cleaner, quieter, safer and more affordable. The company based in Nyon, Switzerland, has already developed an electric acrobatic airplane. The Swiss aviation pioneer Borschberg has been an SCCIJ luncheon speaker twice.[more]

  • April 17, 2017 Switzerland leaps ahead with first nanosatellite network

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The Swiss “new space” start-up ELSE is preparing to launch two demonstration nanosatellites in the last quarter of this year. They will be the first units of its planned 64-nanosatellite Machine-to-Machine global satellite network on a low-earth orbit. The goal of the network called AstroCast is to offer IoT (Internet of Things) satellite communication at the lowest cost in the industry. The AstroCast customers will be able to track and monitor their assets anywhere around the globe with miniaturized and inexpensive communication terminals. The data subscription plans to be offered are expected to cost only a few dollars per year for each device. In contrast to Switzerland’s upcoming commercial network, Japan is still in the phase where nanosatellites are launched by universities for research purposes only. [more]

  • April 14, 2017 10,000 Japan fans to make pilgrimage to Davos

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) – Geisha and legendary monsters, high-tech and crazy fashion trends, brightly-colored manga worlds, sumo wrestlers and Japanese cuisine: The Swiss city Davos which is globally known for its annual World Economic Forum meeting will be under the influence of Japan at the 17th JapAniManga Night from 26 to 28 May. The festival name is a combination of the words Japan, anime and manga. Since it was set up 15 years ago, the event has become the most important meeting place for fans of Japanese subculture in Switzerland. Around 10,000 visitors are expected to come and immerse themselves in Japanese culture. [more]

  • April 10, 2017 Chugai drug causes hope for atopic eczema patients

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Chugai Pharmaceutical, the Japanese subsidiary of Roche Holding from Basel, Switzerland, and the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, is giving sufferers of atopic dermatitis new hope to reduce their annoying itchiness. During a clinical study conducted by an international group of scientists at seven medical institutions in Japan, the United States and European countries, its self-developed drug "nemolizumab" was found to be effective in suppressing itch. Nemolizumab inhibits the working of interleukin-31, a physiologically active substance causing the itching sensation.[more]

  • April 07, 2017 Switzerland's unique flow cell electric car races off

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) - The battery-powered electric car is slowly getting popular worldwide, but Japan and Switzerland have each taken deviating paths to the electric future of the automobile industry. Whereas Japan's Toyota and Honda have commercialized the hydrogen car based on fuel cell technology, the startup nanoFlowcell from Kilchberg, Switzerland, is banking on its unique flow cell drive powered by ionic liquids. Its latest research advances were recently shown at the Geneva International Motor Show. The nanoFlowcell sports car QUANT 48VOLT is currently the lightest, safest, most environmentally compatible and most economical drive system available anywhere for electric vehicles. But the innovative Japanese and Swiss approaches to electric vehicles encounter the same hurdle - how to get new fuel when your tank is empty.[more]

  • April 04, 2017 Japan's Ono looks to Swiss Numab for next discovery

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Numab Therapeutics AG from Pfäffikon, Switzerland, has entered a research and option agreement with Ono Pharmaceutical from Japan for the identification of a multi-specific antibody candidate for development in immuno-oncology using the Swiss company’s drug discovery platform. The Numab quest aims at a new, tailored antibody that would make a good combination drug with Nivolumab/Opdivo, the revolutionary anti-cancer medicine drug invented by Ono and marketed by Ono and Bristol-Myers Squibb. If successful, Numab will receive research funding and up to CHF 258 million in upfront and milestone payments plus tiered single to double digit royalties on sales.[more]

  • March 31, 2017 Luncheon: Swiss-Japanese pleas for free trade

    Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Ms. Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Swiss parliament and President of the Parliamentary Group Switzerland-Japan, has recommended during her speech at the SCCIJ March Luncheon that Switzerland refrains from any protectionism in order to continuously attract foreign capital and foreign talents. Her anti-protectionist attitude was shared by the second luncheon speaker, former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Akira Amari. He praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty (TPP) as the new "gold standard" of trade treaties because it also includes the protection of direct investments and intellectual property rights. It should become a global standard, he told the 90 SCCIJ members and guests at the luncheon.[more]

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