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  • October 29, 2018

First capsule hotel in Switzerland to open

Tokyo (SCCIJ) - What has already existed in many cities in Japan for a long time will soon be available in Switzerland: The first Swiss capsule hotel opens on November 1 in Lucerne, but with a twist: The option to stay overnight in small sleeping boxes can be combined with renting a desk in an integrated co-working space. One calculus of the hotel and office operator seems to be that the employees of young companies could easily stay overnight if they work late. "Digital nomads from all over the world should find a new home in Lucerne", co-owner Johannes Imholz told a Swiss newspaper.

Capsule Hotel Lucerne

Micro-credit for start-up

In order to bring the idea to Lucerne, a member of the community travelled through Japan and looked at the various capsule hotel types. Afterwards it was a matter of obtaining the permission for the whole project from the city. The business developer Lucerne Business even provided the operators a micro-credit for the investments of the start-up company behind the co-working space and the capsule hotel. Then the capsules were ordered in Japan.  

Hence, the setup of the “Capsule Hotel Lucerne” follows the Japanese model. The 19 smaller sleeping boxes have a volume of three cubic meters and are equipped with mattress, duvet, pillow, a television, a safe and ventilation. High-speed wireless internet is available free of charge throughout the hotel. The capsules can be closed to ensure privacy. The area for women is separated by a curtain. The capsules can be rented for 48 francs per person per night. The premium capsule with more space and a window cost 60 francs per night and person. Hotel guests can relax in a common room with a coffee kitchen.

Capsule Interior (click to enlarge)

Capsule Interior (click to enlarge)

Convenient location

The first capsule hotel of Switzerland is situated on the edge of Lucerne’s historic old town within a 7-minute walk from the train station. Lucerne’s landmark, the Kappelbrücke (Chapel Bridge) can be reached in just four minutes. The hotel is located on the 5th floor in a separate part of the Hirschengraben Co-working and Innovations Space. The building offers a range of affordable workspaces and labs. The operators call it an “ideal playground for business people, tourists, creatives and digital nomads”.  

Different from most capsule hotels in Japan, the check-in and check-out process is fully automated. Once you have paid for your reservation online, you will receive the access code and the allocated capsule number by email. There are no employees who can provide you with information on site except between 3 pm and 5 pm on weekdays. With a bit of luck, you will be invited by a community member to the huge rooftop terrace overlooking the city, promises the hotel website. 

Lucerne, the famous tourist metropolis on the Vierwaldstätter Lake, has a lot to offer. The lake, surrounded by majestic mountains, picturesque old town alleyways, seductive attractions for young and old and an endless number of postcard motifs make a visit an incredible experience. Among the attractions are Lion Monument, Court Church, KKL, and the Watch Towers. On rainy days, the Swiss Museum of Transport is popular.  


Text: SCCIJ partly with material of Capsule Hotel Lucerne; Photos: Capsule Hotel Lucerne

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